It was a windy, but fortunately dry afternoon for our infant Sports Day and all the girls were full of cheers and smiles.

Year 2 set off first in the team obstacle race; stepping over a hurdle, winding down a slalom of poles and all passing through a hoop whilst holding on to the team rope to keep together in line. Next, came the hurdle races, followed by sprints. Then finally, the team relay events; with bean bags and quoits passing to and fro. To conclude the afternoon, preschool children were invited to experience the running track in a dash to the finish line.

Throughout the afternoon, the girls showed great encouragement towards each other within and between the houses. Phoenix were the overall winners with 110 points, just one point ahead of runners up Dragons.

Thank you to all those who came to cheer the girls on and make the afternoon a special one.

Post date: 25th June 2018