We are in awe of our our fantastic team of Year 11 cyclists who have ridden from Holyhead to Chester over the past few days raising money for CLAPA

CLAPA exists to support those people affected by Cleft Palate.

Tuesday saw the group set off on their 130-mile journey from the far tip of Anglesey back to school.

Their aim was to arrive in time for the end of term QFest celebrations back at Queen's.

The group travelled from Holyhead through Blas Lynnon, Menai Bridge, Bangor, Penrhyn Castle, Aber Falls and Conwy Castle before following the route back to the city.

Along the way they encountered the best of Wales - from beautiful beaches, waterfalls and rolling countryside to friendly locals who shouted their support and allowed them to use their loos!

The girls even timed their ride to coincide with one of the most exciting Wales football matches ever played - talk about being the right place at the right time!

They arrived back at school tired and thirsty and are now ready for a bit of rest and relaxation over the summer holidays before sixth form beckons.

To sponsor the girls please donate to CLAPA here.


Zoe, one of the riders, has provided us with a personal account of the three day challenge:

From 5th to 7th July, myself and 9 fellow students, from the Queen’s School Chester, cycled from Penrhos Beach, Holyhead to our school in Chester. In total we cycled 120 miles and climbed 2,200 feet in the three days. Our total raised for CLAPA so far, is nearing £2,000!

We chose to support CLAPA because I was born with a Cleft Palate and this charity aided my parents by providing them with special feeding bottles and teaching them about the issues they would face and what it meant. I saw this as an opportunity to give something back to CLAPA.

Day one began with high spirits and excitement. This first section of the ride was challenging, with numerous "inclines" (which felt more like mountains), fortunately this also gave us numerous downhill slopes. We arrived at the University of Bangor and went for dinner at a local restaurant / pub which served us some well-earned dinner and gave us back the calories we had lost during our 70 km ride.


Day two marked the morning that we realised the extent of our sunburn!  I had a rather unfortunate sunglasses burn line, many had 'man tans', sock lines and our cycling shorts had given us a rather nice band of red on our thighs. We cycled further than we had initially planned for that day so that we did not have to ride as far on the final day - we wanted to make sure we arrived back at school for the right time. This was much to many of my fellow cyclists dismay, as we just wanted to eat and go to bed!  But we cycled on knowing we would be pleased with our shortened cycle the next day.  After dinner we were greeted by a classmate who met us at the hostel with cake!  This brightened our spirits even further, as we had some delicious chocolate cake for lunch the next day.

Day three, the final day, was met with hope, as we could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  We were sore and a little less sunburnt, as there had been little sun the day before. We headed off in the minibus to where we had finished the day before and we were definitely pleased our ride was going to be shorter. The rain was pouring down, which gave our sunburn a little relief, but the sun was 'still shining in our hearts'.  With a quick lunch stop, to ensure we were running on time, we refueled and went on our way.  With 20 km to go we realised we were quite ahead of schedule and by quite, I mean about an hour.  We knew we were very nearly home when we started cycling by the River Dee, much to my dismay as during a training ride I had fallen into the river and badly cut my leg; so, as you can imagine, I was kept well away from the edge. We stopped at Chester racecourse and sat at one of the restaurants with drinks, waiting for a suitable time to arrive at school. To our delight we were greeted with music and cheers, as "Qfest" (the Queens School Festival) was in full swing.

I believe I speak for everyone when I say I will treasure the memories I made on this ride forever, but maybe not the sunburn or muscle ache!

Post date: 8th July 2016