Year 12 girls had their say on the future of the UK in our very own EU Referendum recently.

Conservative Party candidate for Wirral South and EU-sceptic speaker, John Bell, made the case for the UK leaving the EU while export marketing expert and Vice-Chair of the European Movement in the Midlands, Lawrence Brewer proposed the motion that the UK should remain.

Pupils voted before the debate with 12 voting 'Yes'; 6 voting 'No'; and 6 undecided, choosing to abstain. However, the debate had a clear impact on the girls - particularly helping those undecided to make a decision. In the end the motion the remain in the EU won with 14 votes, but the motion to leave did gain support with 10 votes and no one choosing to abstain.

Only time will tell if the UK will agree with our girls when the people go to the polling stations on 23rd June 2016.  

Post date: 27th April 2016