The Holdich Society programme of lectures has now begun.

The society was developed to provide a forum for academic enrichment and inspiration. External speakers are invited to attend, and members of the teaching staff also give presentations that are designed to inspire debate and challenge students to think in an interdisciplinary manner about intellectual ideas.

However, the students themselves give more than 90% of the presentations, defending their ideas and arguing their points of view before their peers in a challenging but supportive environment.

Well done to Cat Sutton and Georgina Elliot who recently presented to the society. They adopted the development of the British political system as their theme and took everyone on an interesting tour of the last thousand years of history. They gave an excellent insight into how the rights and liberties of English subjects had been enshrined in law - from the Magna Carta of 1215 to the passing of the parliament Act in 1911.

Since then Head Girl Lola Shaw spoke about Barcelona in the Spanish Civil War. Her presentation was exceptionally well-researched: she gave everyone present an insight into the key divides in Spain in the 1930s and linked events on the Iberian Peninsular with wider political trends in Europe, particularly the rise of Fascism on the continent. Lola spoke passionately and knowledgeably about complex historical issues. She engaged everyone present and all  left the session feeling much more well-informed. 

Post date: 20th October 2015