Our pupils enjoyed another fabulous trip to the hockey capital of Holland, Amsterdam, over the half term break.

Dozens of our hockey players challenged themselves and learnt new skills in the spiritual home of the game.

Our group stayed in Amsterdam, playing on the Friday evening as they arrived from the airport, travelling 15 mins to Club HIC to play Westerberg.

The Year 8-11 pupils were split into three teams

Team 1 Drew 1-1   (Queens scoring first)

          2 Lost 3-2    (coming back from 3-0 down)

          3  Lost 4-0

These were pleasing results because the girls played out of their usual team and the matches were of a very high standard. 

On Saturday the girls enjoyed a two hour coaching session at Club HIC with Premier League players Tom, Andrew and Sebastian. They did lots of work on protecting the ball and 1V1, being seriously put through their paces.

Saturday afternoon involved a relaxing cultural canal boat tour before they returned to Club Hurley for the second set of matches.

Team 1 lost 4-2 but a brilliantly competitive game 

Team 2  Won 1-0

Team  3  Lost 2-1

On Sunday the girls headed to Club HIC for 2 hour coaching session with Qui-Vive Head Coach Tim, whose team they watched in the afternoon play Pinoke. They did lots of passing and receiving on the move, with the ball being played in the air so much more than in England.

Three top clubs sit within half a mile of each other around Amsterdam, entertaining around 2,000 members from 4 year-olds to veterans. The Dutch pitches are used at the weekend from 8am until 8pm, with the premier league matches being a true spectacle and spectator viewing around three stadium seating.

In the afternoon our players watched a premier league ladies' game Amsterdam V Den Bosch. This game had seven dutch internationals and one German player. At half time the girls got to play on the pitch and at the end they met all the players, getting autographs and photos.  These included the Dutch Ladies Captain Maartje Paumen and Dutch striker Margot Van Geffen.

Year 9 students agreed that the trip had been inspirational:

Maryan Khan: "It wasn't just a trip, it was an inspiring hockey experience."

Anna Boyne: " After such an intense hockey practice,  I am now eager to achieve higher levels of success."

Cara Henshall: " The cultural attitude to hockey and skills we learnt have truly inspired my game- unforgettable."


Post date: 3rd November 2016