Year 5 girls were set the challenge at the beginning of June to build mini-businesses starting with only £5 and we have been extremely impressed with the results.

The Fiver Challenge aimed for girls to develop the following eight employability skills: confidence, team work, resilience, financial literacy, organisation, communication, problem solving and independence. We believe that all of the girls have flourished and grown in many, if not all, of these areas and we hope that this has been both an enjoyable, challenging and memorable experience which will support the girls in years to come.

In addition to the businesses listed below, Caroline's team 'Crystal Clear' make safety pin necklaces and decided to export them and sell them overseas in Singapore. It was a great success and all necklaces sold out quickly!

All teams have made a very impressive profit and generated some fantastically creative products and ideas.

The Year 5 fiver challenge businesses were:

The Emojis with £53 profit going to Cancer Research

F.S. Mix with £235 profit going to Claire House

Summer Madness with £108.89 profit going to  RSPCA

Crystal Clear with £192.51 profit going to  Cancer Research

C.E.L.T. with £150.26 profit going to Macmillan Cancer Support

Pupscuits with £186.76 profit going to Dog Trust

Amazing Accessories with £136.07 profit going to The Queen’s School

Bubble ‘n’ Bombs with £98.34 profit going to Children in Need

Icicles £102.20 profit going to Rainforest Rescue

We are so proud of these achievements and look forward to presenting the girls’ proceeds to the charities they have selected in September.

Post date: 8th July 2016