Head Girl Conference

Our Head Girl Team returned from the GSA Head Girl Conference North West full of ideas and inspiration.

Anna, Sophia and Jasleen attended the event at Manchester High School for Girls last week along with girls from other schools from across the UK. The morning included a speech from Manchester High’s previous Head Girl. Deputy Head Girl Jasleen said: “Eleanor’s talk was really interesting as she was able to give us lots of relatable tips and advice that I know we will be able to use to help us along our journey.”

The sessions on Leadership involved the girls taking part in a ‘Via Character survey’ which highlighted the qualities each of them have based on their answers. Anna said: ‘The survey was really useful as we were able to identify what our strengths and weaknesses are as individuals and then as a team create a list of priorities for each of us based on our qualities.”

After lunch the girls collaborated with other teams to create their ideal Sixth Form, reflecting on everything they had heard and taken from the day.

Deputy Head Girl Sophia said: “It was such a useful day, from learning about how other Sixth Forms work to the networking opportunities. It really widened our perspective and gave us new ideas that we cannot wait to bring into action.”