Our parents recently took part in a research project designed to explore their opinions and experiences of life at Queen's. 

The research results were useful, informative and very encouraging in terms of how parents view the school - in some areas more than double the benchmark figure.

Findings of the research included:

     Senior School

  • 98% of respondents were satisfied with the school, 91% very or completely satisfied.
  • 96% said they would recommend the school to friends
  • 93% said their daughters were happy with 82% 'very happy'

     Lower School

  • 100% said their daughter was happy at school, with 86% very happy
  • 95%  said they would recommend Queen’s Lower School to their friends
  • 96% said they were satisfied with what the school was doing, with 86% very or completely satisfied

The strong relationships that exist between parents and teaching staff meant that we felt that we already had a good idea of what our parents think we do well and where we could improve. This research was conducted to ensure that our view was accurate, giving parents a chance to comment more freely to a third party. 

To read about the research in more detail, please visit here.


Post date: 25th January 2016