Global partnerships continue to grow

The Spanish department are delighted to have started a new collaboration with Colegio Vizcaya, a school in the Basque region of Spain which has consistently ranked amongst the top ten schools in the country over the last decade.

Sophie: “I thought it was really fun and exciting. I mostly enjoyed being able to practise Spanish and being able to talk with a school in Spain. I think it’s important to do things like this because we can develop our speaking skills and find out about what school and life is like in different countries. I’m looking forward to writing to them and hearing back”.

Year 9 students had their first videoconference exchange with their Spanish school counterparts, where each side delivered a presentation about their school, free time activities and where they live.

Well done to Aurelia, Isabel, Anna, Zara, Elsie, Lavinia, Sophie and Emily for presenting so confidently in Spanish!

The session finished with a question and answer exchange in both languages, where they asked each other about other interests. The rest of the students will take part in a videoconference with a different class next week. The students really enjoyed the experience and are looking forward to their next exchange.

I really enjoyed it! I liked how I could see what their school was like, I am looking forward to just finding more out about them

Saskia - Year 9

Zara: “I did enjoy it. I like the fact that I got to speak to Spanish students and I had to think of things to say on the spot. I think it is important to have opportunities like this because it gives you experience and shows how well you can speak Spanish on the spot and what you need to practise on”.

I really enjoyed it because it was so cool to see other kids are age and how they’re dealing the the pandemic and what their culture is like. I found it really interesting and it helped open my mind into other cultures.

Abbey - Year 9

Lucy: “I really loved meeting with the Spanish school; I loved being able to communicate with the school in Spanish and learning about their school and how much homework they got and other things like that. I would love to do this again because it is helping my Spanish, too”.