In the lead up to World Smile Day (Friday 6 October), Zoe in Year 13 organised and delivered a very moving assembly to the whole school about Operation Smile.
She was joined by one of the Operation Smile surgical team for cleft palate operations, Paul Jamieson, who is an anaesthetist at the Countess of Chester Hospital. 
Operation Smile delivers life changing surgery to children with a cleft around the world.
As part of the assembly Zoe announced the launch of a house competition to raise money for the charity. Each house has been given a plastic tub which they have to fill with as much silver change as they can. There is an added twist in that houses can sabotage each other by putting copper change in their tubs which will penalise their totals! 

May the best house win and the school is pleased to be supporting such a great cause.

Post date: 9th October 2017