Pupils from Years 7 and 8 have enjoyed great success in the Junior Mathematical Challenge, run by the UK Mathematics Trust based at the University of Leeds.

More than 250,000 pupils from across the country sat the Junior Maths Challenge. Pupils with results in the top 6% were awarded a Gold Certificate, the next 13% a Silver Certificate and the next 21% a Bronze Certificate.

The questions are considered very challenging and rely not only on work covered in lessons but also spatial awareness and the ability to solve problems without the aid of a calculator.

Queen's pupils did extremely well and we are very proud to confirm that they achieved five Gold Certificates, eight Silver Certificates and 19 Bronze Certificates.

Bronze Certificate

Anna M, Rosie, Anna K, Sofia, Bethany, Phoebe, Maryam, Philippa, Melanie, Mica, Lucy, Ava, Kate, Hattie, Jemima, Meg, Vrishali, Fiona, Emily

Silver Certificate

Cara, Caroline, Mia, Madeleine, Ella, Issy, Isabel, Isabelle

Gold Certificate

Anne, Mehdiya, Bethany, Emily, Raka

Huge congratulations to everyone who took part, all of your hard work paid of with some remarkable results.




Post date: 16th June 2016