Year 12 pupils received a thought provoking PSE session from James Timpson OBE and his colleagues Sarah and Tom.

The Timpson retail business has led the way in the recruitment of ex-offenders, something that James Timpson, CEO of the family business, passionately believes has played a key role in his business' success.

He told pupils that what is he looking for in his workforce is talent. For more than twelve years, he has been actively looking for people with the right skills and qualities for his business where few other organisations would look - in Britain's prisons.

The initiative has been so successful that now over 10% of his workforce are ex-offenders, working at all levels of the organisations, being treated and trusted as any other member of staff. Timpson employees, Sarah and Tom, spoke to the girls of their experiences and the choices they made that led to them serving prison sentences.

They also spoke of the opportunity that Timpson provided for them when they left prison and how it has helped them turn their lives around.

Pupils were also invited to ask Sarah and Tom any questions they had about life in prison. Year 12 was clearly moved and engaged by the session.

Many expressed sincere thanks to the speakers for their candid presentations and for opening their mind to an issue that they had perhaps thought little or very differently about in the past.

Post date: 19th February 2015