Over the summer 26 girls and three staff travelled to Peru with Camps International for a month-long, life-enriching expedition which they had been preparing and fundraising for the last two years.

The trip offered them the unique opportunity to work on community projects supporting some of the more disadvantaged communities in remote areas of the country, while exploring Peru’s rich culture, traditions and gastronomy. Some of the projects they collaborated on involved improving facilities in one of the local schools and building a nursery and a centre for the elderly in a small village in the Colca Valley. The work was physically demanding but all girls took to the challenge with energy and good humour.

As well as making a positive impact on the lives of the local people, during their stay the group were fortunate to visit wonders of the Inca Empire such as the archaeological site of Moray and the impressive ancient city of Machu Picchu, as well as other renowned locations such as Lake Titicaca and Isla Taquille. Stunning and diverse landscapes, star-studded night skies, colourful markets and warm, welcoming people were some other highlights from a trip that will stay in their hearts for many years to come.

But it is not just the wonderful memories that they are taking away with them. The Peru expedition has allowed them to gain a deeper understanding of their place in the world and the difference they can make as individuals while boosting their confidence, resilience and further developing key life skills such as problem solving, decision making and use of initiative. Without a doubt it has been a journey of discovery, wonder and personal growth.

Post date: 7th September 2017