Pupils from The Queen’s School are celebrating today after almost a third of the year group achieved straight A*/A grades and well over half of the girls achieved 8 or more A*/A grades each.


45% of the school’s GCSE examinations were passed at the A* grade with 73% at A*- A and 91% at A*-B.


Nearly a fifth of the girls were awarded the coveted new Level 9 for English in the reformed examinations, which puts them in the top 2% of the country according to Ofqual estimates and 82% of the school’s pupils achieved an A* or A in mathematics.


Headmistress Sarah Clark said: “The girls have really delivered a superb set of GCSE results this year and I could not be prouder of them for their efforts.

“With both challenge and support from our experienced teaching staff, they have prepared well and applied themselves admirably when the time came for the examinations. Well done to them all!’


Congratulations to the following girls who achieved 10 straight A* grades:

Nikitha Sathyamoorthy, Viktoria Erdi-Krausz, Maisie Tipping, Sophie Clarkson, Ria Ince, Hope Pugh, Katherine Williams and Emily Veitch. Seren Routledge achieved 9A* grades and 1 A.


The following 10 girls achieved 8A* grades and 2As:

Hannah Barton, Isabel Gelder, Katharine Hobson, Catriona Drew, Isabel Gardiner, Tarrika Pengwah, Maisie Eddleson, Emily Flattery and Hazel Tongue


This year 100% of pupils taking Mandarin, Music and Latin received an A*/ A grade.


89% of pupils taking art and geography, 88% taking physics, 84% taking biology and computing and 85% taking RS and 80% taking drama achieved an A*/A grade.

Post date: 24th August 2017