Pupils from The Queen’s School are celebrating today with another excellent year for GCSE examination results.

To see a video from this morning please click here.

Approximately 92% of the grades were at A*-B and 65% of all the school’s Year 11 pupils walked away with at least 6 A*/A grades each.

100% of pupils taking art got an A* grade, 95% of music students achieved A*/A grades and 89% of drama students got A*/A. 

In languages, 80% of pupils achieved A*/A grades in Spanish while 94% got the top grades in Mandarin.

In the sciences 84% of girls taking biology achieved A*-A grades, along with 67% of those taking physics, 65% of girls studying chemistry and 80% of those taking computing.

Approximately 75% of all the grades for maths, RS and geography were at A*/A grade.

100% of pupils achieved 5 A*-C grades including Maths and English.

21 girls went on to pass the OCR Advanced Maths examination, 10 of them achieving the top A grades.

Headmistress Sarah Clark said: “I would like to congratulate all of our girls for the excellent work they have put in to achieve these grades. Our pupils can now begin sixth form confidently with a clutch of absolutely superb GCSE results - two thirds of them with the majority of grades at A* or A. What a fantastic springboard to further success! 

"We also saw some spectacular individual successes which were the result of a great deal of hard work and dedication.

"My congratulations go to all of Year 11 today - I am proud of every single one of you!"  

Among the school’s many top-graded students were:

Jenna Asad (7A* 3A)

Sophie Astbury (7A*s 1A 2B)

Grace Atkins (3A* 4A 3B)

Bella Band (5A* 4A 1B)

Ella Barton (10 A*)

Sophie Cowell (7A* 3A)

Paige Cox (4A* 4A 2B)

Nina Daniels (8A* 2A)

Elizabeth Dawson (6A* 2A 2B)

Felicity Deeley (10A*)

Beatrice Delafaille (10A*)

Le-an Delvecchio (11A*)

Raabia Farooqi (10A*)

Tamara Fox (10A*)

Anna-Sophia Hilton (9A* 1A)

Eleanor Simpson-Daniels (6A* 4A)

Felicity Hudson (9A* 1A)

Ella Johnson (6A* 3A 1B)

Sinchana Lakshmish (10A*)

Caitlin Lewis (6A* 1A 3B)

Ciara O’Docherty (8A* 2A)

Rebecca Owen 4A* 3A 2B

Nitya Ramanand (9A* 1A)

Rozhina Rezaei (4A* 3A 3B)

Oliva Spillane (4A* 3A 3B)

Anne Stairmand (2A* 6A 2B)

Lily Tenner (8A* 2A)

Anna Whyte (7A* 3A),

Lucy Wood (5A* 3A 2B)

Georgia Wright (7A* 3A)

Harriet Wyatt (4A* 4A 2B)

Mable Yip (4A* 5A 2B)

Post date: 25th August 2016