"Do you want to build a rainbow? Or ride a unicorn and fly?

"We could fill the world with sparkles and pretty colours in the sky."

Who would imagine that the melodic voices of 33 Year 4 girls singing their hearts out as they marched along the pathways, in response to Team Leader Jennie asking if they were ready for another high adrenaline activity, would bring the rest of Dearne Valley Kingswood to a halt? 

This sense of wonder and magic was  much in evidence throuhgout the trip: We knew we were heading for thrills and challenges from the outset, but hadn't anticipated how the activities on offer here would allow the girls to shine in so many other ways too. 

Year 4 Yeacher Mrs Evans said: "Their determination, co-operation, resilience and reflection has made us proud of them all. It has also been a privilege to hear so many of the Kingswood staff comment on their exemplary manners, friendliness and teamwork as they have encouraged and supported one another to step beyond their 'safe zone'.

"Add in some surprise sunshine and glorious blue skies and it's little wonder that the girls really are beaming like sunbeams about to fly!"

Post date: 18th March 2016