As part of Year 4’s humanities and art work on Australia this term, pupils have been looking at the flora and fauna of The Great Barrier Reef. As an extension of this learning, the girls had a super opportunity to compare this environment to our own coastline during a visit to the Anglesey Sea Zoo and its stunning coastline. Having spent the morning making detailed observations in the aquarium, the girls headed for the shore in glorious sunshine, equipped with buckets and nets for their own research. Working closely with the zoo’s marine biologists allowed the girls to explore with purpose - much excitement was generated, as no stone, rock-pool or patch of seaweed was left unturned. The girls learned how to identify several species of crustaceans, anemones and crabs and even managed to collect enough prawns for the resident butterfish’s supper! It was interesting to realise how adaptable these creatures have to be in order to survive living in a tidal zone with the range of a British climate- something the residents of The Great Barrier Reef do not have to deal with!

Alice summed it up a marvellous trip by saying she was going straight home to ask for her own bucket and net. Watch this space - we may have the makings of our very own marine biologist!

Post date: 20th June 2016