The first inter-house competition of the year took place this week. All girls in Key Stage 2 completed a swim and a run to gain points for their house.

Girls competed with great enthusiasm and determination and it was wonderful to see the tremendous team spirit shown throughout the day.


Team results

1st Griffins

2nd Dragons

3rd Unicorns

4th Phoenix


3M   1st Georgina Collier,   2nd  Natascha Waidelich,  3rd  Cecilia Pond

3L   1st  Polly Turner,  2nd  Noor Dawoodi,   3rd  Neha Sreeram

4J    1st   Freya Artell,   2nd  Aster McCann,  3rd  Millie Watts

4E   1st  Emily Owen, 2nd  Elena Lyons, 3rd  Phoebe Williams

5E   1st Hana Wiley,   2nd  Lucy Vaughan,  3rd  Arabella Gardiner

5D   1st  Clara Cummins,  2nd  Alicia Dixon,  3rd Alexa Byrne

6T   1st  Beatrice Taylor,  2nd  Cora Turner,  3rd  Annabel Wright

6S  1st  Evie Williams,  2nd Olivia Rodenhurst,  3rd  Isabella Isles


Year group winners

Year 3  Georgina Collier

Year 4 Freya Artell

Year 5 Clara Cummins

Year 6 Beatrice Taylor

Post date: 24th October 2016