What an exciting first full week of our Autumn term! Our new Reception classes have settled superbly into whole school days and are thoroughly enjoying getting to know new friends and taking part in new experiences. We have also been very excited at the arrival of our new Reception building 'Honeybee House'. We are now busy in our preparations for setting up the interior areas, involving the girls in creating their new learning environment. We have an exciting school year ahead full of super opportunities across all areas of the curriculum. We also look forward to a full programme of enrichment activities beginning next week including Ballet, Crafty Corner, Mini Music Makers and House of Dance to name just a few.

The girls have continued to get to know each other, the daily routines and the different areas within the classrooms. They have been sharing their summer scrapbooks with us and each other; they have obviously been very busy through the holidays. It has been a week of many ‘firsts’! It has been their first full week in school and it has been the first week that they have had swimming and PE lessons. The girls have enjoyed a wide variety of activities. They have been making dens outside, playing in the sand and water areas, blowing bubbles and finding hidden numbers. In maths they have been counting groups of objects and matching the correct numerals through different games and use of the interactive whiteboard. They have been singing rhymes and songs to practise these skills further.  In literacy they have been looking for and writing the letters ‘s’, ‘a’ and ‘t’. They greatly enjoyed dressing up for Roald Dahl day, drawing characters from the story ‘The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me’ and thinking of their own jobs that a giraffe with a long neck could do. Their first swimming lesson was a complete success with lots of happy smiles from both the children and the teachers! 

Post date: 20th September 2016