The Cheshire Primary Schools Fencing Tournament finished last Saturday with the Queens Lower School Fencing Team achieving a very respectable 4th position in their first ever fencing competition! 

The girls who were able to enter the tournament and represent the school were: Emily, Tilly, Freya, Lavinia, Jemima, Izzy and Ava.

The second part of the competition took place last Saturday. Now with some excellent matches behind them and experience gained in the first competition the girls showed much confidence and determination and demonstrated some excellent fencing. With more experienced team members Ava and Izzy competing, the girls secured a victory in their match against the Delamere Academy Primary School. In their second match, although scoring some beautiful points, the girls lost to a more experienced team - the winners of the last year's tournament Guilden Sutton with the score 1:4.

Their coach said: "I believe if they continue with fencing next year they will be able to win a medal if they enter the 2016 tournament."

Post date: 13th June 2015