The blue planet came to life for girls when a leading marine researcher and wildlife champion came to speak about her work.

Francesca Trotman spoke about the work she does with her Love The Oceans organisation which seeks to protect the marine environment around its base on the coastline of Mozambique.

She explained how education is at the centre of her organisation through activities such as working with local fishermen to encourage them to adopt more sustainable fishing techniques that will protect marine life for the future.

“Our location is very remote and we are often working with people who have no idea that the resources in the sea are finite and have never come across a charity organisation,” said Francesca who is a qualified marine biologist.

“Volunteers are crucial to our work but we spend a lot of time training them in the research techniques they need for the work and many other skills such as diving,’ Francesca said.

Francesca encouraged girls in Year 13 to join the project but the event was also well attended by pupils from lower year groups.

Post date: 22nd January 2018