Do you know how many half marathons you would have to run to reach the moon?

How many times a day the International Space Station orbits the earth?

How many bottles are mentioned in all the verses of 'Ten Green Bottles'? Well, the Lower School Quiz team do! 

On Saturday, Ava, Izzy,  Jemima and Isabel, capably led by team captain Mary, attended the annual AJIS Quiz competition at Bury Grammar School. 

The team, who have trained hard every Thursday lunchtime were a huge credit to the school and topped the leader board from the first round, cryptically entitled 'I know what I like' but actually about art installations, through to the final round 'Low tech to high tech'.

Knowing they were in the lead at the interval put a lot of pressure on the girls but they remained focussed and sustained their lead by one point above Bolton Boys with Merchant Taylor's boys coming third. 

Many congratulations girls!

Post date: 16th February 2015