The 2018 Queen's School Festival of Music was a much-anticipated event and it did not disappoint.

Performances took place across the school in a number of classes; classical and popular vocals, ensemble, woodwind, strings, drums, brass and a new category of self-accompanied vocals.

Music filled the school for the whole day as girls rehearsed and performed before the festivals' external adjudicators with the winners of the categories invited to attend and perform at the Music Festival Evening Concert last night.

The winners were as follows:

Preliminary Ensemble: Limonee Fearn and Annabel Wright

Intermediate Ensemble: Ukelele Group

Advanced Ensemble: Lily Spillane, Anna Bowler and Olivia Atkinson

Overall: Lily, Anna and Olivia


Percussion Trophy: Lucy McBurney


Swann Woodwind Trophy

Preliminary woodwind winner - Isabella Iles

Intermediate woodwind winner - Kate Rutherford

Advanced woodwind winner - Jessica Jones

Overall: Jessica Jones


String Trophy

Preliminary Strings winner: Carmen Vicary

Intermediate Strings winner - Olivia Spillane

Advanced Strings winner - Katie Williams

Overall: Katie Willams


The Gill Church Brass Cup

Junior Brass winner - Ava Dempsey

Advanced Brass winner: Anne Capewell

Overall: Anne Capewell


Self-accompanied singing

Winner Years 7-9 - Carmen Vicary

Winner Years 10-13 - Olivia Spillane


Junior Vocal Trophy

Classical Vocal Years 7-9 winner  - Emma Islip

Popular Vocal Years 7-9 winner - Lucy Newcome

Overall: Emma Islip 


Anne Brotherhood Vocal Trophy

Classical Vocals Years 10-11 winner - Jada Sanyaolu

Popular Vocals Years 10-11 winner - Jada Sanyaolu

Classical Vocal Years 12-13 winner - Emma Brierley

Popular Vocal Years 12-13 winner - Beatrice Delafaille

Overall: Emma Brierley


Piano Trophy

Preliminary Piano winner - Isabella Iles

Intermediate Piano winner - Hattie Benton

Advanced Piano winners - Jasleen Sambhi and Lily Spillane

Overall: Lily Spillane


Overall Winners:

Preliminary: Carmen Vicary

Intermediate: Jada Sanyaolu

Musicality: Lily Spillane

Runner Up: Jessica Jones

Winner: Emma Brierley







Post date: 14th February 2018