There was an understandably youthful focus to the questions put to the parliamentary candidates for Chester at the recent election hustings held in the Senior  School.

Candidates from the four parties contesting the Chester seat came into school to present their ideas, aspirations and manifestos to girls in Years 10 and 12.

They were sitting MP Conservative Stephen Mosley, Labour PPC Chris Matheson, Liberal Democrat PPC Bob Thompson and UKIP PPC Steve Ingram.

Proceedings were chaired by Shreya Jauhari, sixth former and Member of Young Parliament for Chester.

The candidates also answered questions from the floor, including those on university tuition fees, how we create a fair society, humanitarian aid, immigration, affordable housing and jobs in the NHS.

Pupils asked the candidates how they would close the gap between rich and poor, their position on tuition fees, why it is so hard to get into Medical School even with good grades, despite there being a shortage of doctors and nurses, how much should we help in the rescue and support of migrants taking extraordinary risks to get Europe and what would they do to help young people get on the housing ladder.

Post date: 23rd April 2015