There was an exceptional amount of talent on display at our annual drama competition.

Girls in Years 7-10 were challenged to create a five minute drama performance in groups of between 2 and 6 based on one of the following styles or genres: Western, Gothic, Romance, Farce or an issue-based drama.

At least two dramatic techniques from mime, slow motion, narration/ direct address, tableau, flashback/forward, marking the moment and soundscape had to be used, as well as at least one technical element from a single spotlight, rear projection, sound effects and atmospheric music.

The girls as always did not disappoint! Congratulation to everyone who took part, particularly our winners who were:

Overall Winners of The Natalie Doyle Cup for Drama Roses - Charlie Laithwaite, Lily Piddington and Sadie Charlton
Year 7-8 Winners Missing You - Poppy Oakden and Franny Jennings
Year 7-8 Runners Up Society - Eleanor Railton and Paru Sumita
Year 9-10 Winners Miss Polly and her dolly - Polly Reed, Katy Harrington, Melody Lewis and Imogen Quadling
Year 9-10 Runners Up Exercise Your Human Rights - Anna Mills, Anna Karlakki, Caroline Holland and Immy Holme


Post date: 6th July 2017