Girls in Year 4 decided to explore the scientific processes behind digestion after a classmate asked: 'What happens to my cake?'

The class quickly decided a full investigation was needed during last week's science lesson. Their first task was to try and make sense of some strange looking shapes, which would ultimately fit together to make up the human digestive system and then try to decide what they could possibly be called. This resulted in some lively debate and numerous rearranging, before each table presented their findings.

Next the girls attempted to recreate their food's journey through the human body with some improvised props. Some brave volunteers provided the action by squeezing our oesophagus (a tube of toothpaste) adding the acid to our stomach (coke) and then forcing the whole gooey mess into the small intestine (a pair of Mrs Evans's old tights) to see how the body absorbs nutrients and fluids through it's walls before leaving the body.


Post date: 25th January 2016