Computer Science challenges continue over summer

As part of a drive towards independent learning, it was fantastic to see a large number of girls taking part in computer science competitions and courses over the summer. 

A number of girls attended the five day cyber security courses at various universities, where they developed their knowledge and understanding of the latest cyber security issues and gained valuable skills in defending organisations from a cyber attack.

A lot of the younger girls spent time coding solutions during the five week Grok Learning Challenge. This is a testing series of problems that are released across five weeks of the summer holidays. The competition is based in Australia, so their schools undertake the challenges during school time, but our girls had to solve them independently. 

Congratulations to our cyber security experts: Maisie Eddleston, Katelyn Harrington, 
Katherine Hughes and Imogen Quadling.

And to our young coders: Saskia Lehrle, Raka Chattopadhyay, Paru Sumita, Lucy Clegg, Katya Clish, Emilia Clegg, Eleanor Railton, Crystal Mok and Charlotte Chesters.