Our new Learning Challenge Curriculum is a bold new approach which we have been piloting in various year groups as teaching staff receive their training over the course of this academic year. The school will be fully embracing the new curriculum from September.

There has been widespread press coverage of the national changes to the primary curriculum, with an emphasis on problem-solving to encourage children to think for themselves and develop critical reasoning.

The new curriculum exemplifies this. It makes learning more engaging, with plenty of opportunities for enrichment and independent enquiry. Pupils are involved with the questions which underpin the half term or termly unit of study. This way, greater pupil engagement is ignited from the outset, challenging pupils to ‘go the extra mile’ in terms of their research and genuine interest in a topic.

In addition to substantial curriculum time dedicated to English and maths, which underpins everything the pupils do, adequate time is allocated to acquire historical and geographical knowledge, to learn scientific investigative skills and to experience a range of activities which demonstrate the skills which underpin the areas of Art, Design and Technology. We encourage opportunities to explore, question and reflect and promote life skills such as resilience, team work and leadership.

This approach requires deep thinking and has been described as the “curriculum for intelligent schools”. Our experience has shown us so far that pupils look forward to embracing new and exciting questions each term and continue to set high standards for themselves to be the best they can be.

Post date: 23rd January 2017