Emi Lou Howe from BodEquality visited Year 12 in PSHE to talk to them about how amazing our bodies are. Emi is a campaigner for body diversity in the media, retail and fashion and wants to help more young people to think and feel positively about their bodies. She spent years worrying about her own body and it was a life changing fight with breast cancer that changed her body but also changed her opinion of her body and made her realise how amazing it is - how amazing all our bodies are. 

Emi has dedicated her time since recovering from cancer to campaigning to fashions retailers and advertisers to encourage them to embrace more diversity in their product ranges and advertisements. She regularly speaks to young people about the importance of celebrating our bodies for what they can do rather than feeling or communicating body shame to ourselves or others. 

The girls asked many interesting and insightful questions and were clearly thoroughly engaged in the topic. Emi ended the session by asking the girls to support her current Government petition asking that it be required in law for advertising to show a variety of real body shapes, something they do not currently have to do. 

For more information visit the bodequality website 

Post date: 12th June 2018