Well done to Year 12 student Eleanor who passed her Master Cadet course over the half term holiday. She is only one of a handful of CCF cadets who have ever achieved this honour and Mrs Dawson and all the CCF members could not be more proud of her. The course was only recently opened up to CCF cadets, having been exclusively for ACF cadets previously. Eleanor was one of only four CCF cadets out of 38. On the first day the group got to know each other and then followed four days of gruelling exercises including challenges and attacks, spanning day and night and involving a rolling sentry duty which meant very little sleep for everyone. With weary minds and bodies they then sat down for a regimental dinner on the last night where the cadets met Brigadier General Potts. The next day they then finished with a visit to RMA Sandhurst where they were presented with their certificates. Eleanor said: "It was exhausting but I’m really looking forward to taking what I’ve learnt back to my contingent and hopefully encourage more people to apply next year as it’s definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity."

Post date: 5th November 2018