If you went down to the woods last week....

you would have seen 35 girls from Years 4-6 learning Bushcraft survival skills and living in shelters for three fun-filled days. As soon the girls arrived they whole-heartedly immersed themselves into the bushcraft way of life and thoroughly impressed the instructors with their endless enthusiasm and willingness to participate thoroughly in all of the activities - even the extremely muddy ones! 

The girls were put into 'tribes' and had a tribe leader who helped them learn how to make a fire, bushcraft style! They then had to make their own shelters which they later slept in all night, using branches and bracken. The girls accessorised these by adding front gardens, complete with a cosy porch.

At times they had to cook their own food on fires, and some girls were even keen to sample fish eyeballs, an acquired taste we think you'll agree. They went on to learn Bushcraft first aid, trap making and key survival skills, as well as facing the challenge of having to live without wifi for 3 days.

The girls proved themselves to be tough and resilient and staff were very proud of how well the girls conducted themselves - well done, everyone!



Post date: 22nd September 2015