Lower School girls have relished having a whistle-stop tour around the human body - both physically and emotionally - courtesy of a visiting mobile classroom, which mysteriously took up residence in KS1’s playground.

Four different year groups had the opportunity to visit the warm, snug space to fully enjoy the interactive lessons provided by Michelle, The Life Bus educator. Themes covered were all age-appropriate, linking the girls' current topics in PSHE and science and ranged from thinking about, ‘What makes me unique?’ for Reception, up to a drug awareness session for Year 5.

As Nila, Holly and Alice from Year 3 declared, ‘Sorting out Harold, the cuddly giraffe’s friendship problems, really made us think about what it’s like to be left out’. Judging by the debate that the sessions created, the girls have definitely used their brains this week!

Year Four pupils also learnt about the human digestive system in science this week by placing the digestive organs in the right order using cut-outs and experimenting using cola, toothpaste, bread and an old pair of tights!

Post date: 6th February 2015