Years 5 and 6 girls have been practising their vowel shifts and polishing up on their rhyming slang for this week's performances of 'Olivia' and audiences were not disappointed! 

From beginning to end the show was a rollercoaster of action, filled with famous London literary characters and bursting with drama, emotion, laughter and song. 

Francesca J was outstanding in the central role of Olivia and shone with innocence, warmth and sweetness as her story unfolded.

Hattie was completely transformed through her performance into the iconic Eliza Doolittle; with a cheeky smile and an accent that would fit in very nicely in Albert Square, she managed to have us laughing and grinning along in this challenging role which she made her own.

Evie also delivered a flawless accent, wonderful singing and fabulously engaging characterisation as Fagin, along with Darcy Ward as The Artful Dodger who delivered a word perfect 'a cracking credit to the criminal community' song for which she deserves a retrospective round of applause!

You may be getting some idea of show by now - the action starts in an orphanage 'up north'  but soon moves to London when Olivia escapes from the dreadful Mrs Murdstone, played wonderfully by Eve, at the orphanage and her fellow orphans (Harleen, Isabella, Leila, Tabitha, Jessica, Saskia, Holly, Anushka, Katie and Camrey).

She meets Eliza who then introduces her to a whole load of literary characters - Sherlock Holmes (hilarious pomposity from Amelia) and Dr Watson (exceptional eye rolling from Minty), Scrooge (beautiful characterisation by Ruby), George Bernard Shaw (a very confident and eloquent performance from Elinor) Dicken (Tilly played this to perfection) and Mrs Hudson (Poppy played this beautifully).

Eventually she meets Annie who has lost her memory (played with maturity beyond her years by Raphaela). We hear some beautiful and emotional solo singing by Raphi which acts as a fantastic counterpoint to the show's laughter.

Lovely performances from Mia (as Mrs Dilber), Ottilie (as the placard girl), Charlotte (as the lamplighter), Matilda (as the gentleman), Xanthe (as the usher), Iniya (as the judge) and Lara (and the policeman) along with some fabulous singing by Eleanor (as The Fat Lady) bring us to the performance denouement and the all important 'aaaah' moment when Annie realises she that Olivia is her long lost daughter.

The action is kept bubbling along with  beautifully characterful interludes from the flower sellers (Gracie, Ava, Ananya, Francesca D, Evie, Olivia, Emma and Matilda) and the school girls (Aarthy, Raka, Katya, Charlotte, Annette, Cara, Samar, Jessica, Fiona and Isabel).

And mention must go to all the Year 5 girls who excelled in both their singing and dramatic roles.

A wonderful show! Well done girls!




Post date: 1st July 2016