All Year 10 pupils took part in the National Biology Challenge competition in March, which aims to encourage pupils' interest in biological studies, and provides a challenging opportunity for them to demonstrate their knowledge of biology above and beyond the curriculum.

Ten of our girls achieved Bronze, Silver and Gold awards, 11 girls were highly commended and 13 girls were commended.
There were a huge number of competitors (40, 000) so well done to all of our girls.


Rosa Hall Gold
Rachel Whitfield Silver
Holly Illingworth Silver
Lily Piddington Silver
Maddie Canning Silver
Melody Lewis Silver
Scarlett Spillane Bronze
Hannah Jones Bronze
Leah Gough Bronze
Louise Walker Bronze
Louise Kiely Highly Commended
Natasha Danby Highly Commended
Chloe Fahmy Highly Commended
Alexandra Barker Highly Commended
Jada Sanyaolu Highly Commended
Meg Rofe Highly Commended
Alice Okell Highly Commended
Anna McBurney Highly Commended
Eleanor Lloyd-Brown Highly Commended
Jasleen Sambhi Highly Commended
Katelyn Harrington Highly Commended
Morgan Allan Commended
Charlie Laithwaite Commended
Megan Griffiths-Tucker Commended
Eve Rogers Commended
Erica Long Commended
Thea Watts Commended
Erin Lewis Commended
Katie Dawson Commended
Pollyanna Reed Commended
Rebecca Scott-Davies Commended
Sara Wahbi-Trius Commended
Katherine Hughes Commended
Bethan Hughes Commended




Post date: 13th June 2017