The Queen’s hockey teams have recently returned fired up with confidence from their annual hockey trip to Amsterdam.

They began by visiting The Amsterdam Stadium where they watched the women’s 1st team play Kampong, fielding six Dutch senior internationals. This was followed by a short walk to Pinoke Stadium to watch the men’s 1st team play Amsterdam, fielding two Dutch internationals.  

Over two days the girls received quality coaching from Dutch coaches and played matches in the afternoons. 

Playing Amsterdam the U13s drew 2-2 but Queen’s U16s won 12-2!  Against Hurley the U13s  drew 2-2 and the U16s again won 6-2.  

Mrs Green, a Queen’s hockey teacher with international experience herself, said: “Both the games were exhilarating to watch and inspired the girls in their coaching sessions. One was clearly a bit one-sided but the girls learnt from all their experiences. They loved their Dutch hockey and were smiling throughout their various experiences. They were also truly a pleasure to be around for the trip.”

Post date: 1st November 2018