While most of Year 6 were enjoying a well deserved lie in after their exciting Stratford residential trip, four excited quizzers were up early to travel to Bury to contest the annual AJIS Quiz on Saturday. 

The girls, who have been swotting up on their general knowledge but had no prior warning of this year’s quiz topics, arrived armed with lucky Queen Bees and a positive mindset. 

This year there were no clues given as to how the teams were doing - the Queen’s girls knew they had done well in rounds on famous statues, nursery rhymes, Harry Potter and tricky maths problems but were much less confident tackling football teams’ nicknames, unusual collective nouns and a picture round on the cross sections of chocolate bars!

However, after twelve tense rounds (including one on types of hat!) the team waited with bated breath as the scores were announced in traditional reverse order.

Third were Bury Boys, second St Bede’s and the winners - you guessed it - Queen’s! Well done Izzy, Alice, Charlotte and Elizabeth - a fantastic win! 

Post date: 7th February 2018