After a wet start, the weather remained mostly kind to us. The girls were in high spirit, keen and eager for the afternoon to go ahead.

First, the girls faced jumping, leaping and scrambling challenges with enthusiasm, in the obstacle races.

Next, came the sprints. There were quite a few false starts, as the level of excitement for some, was just too much to contain.

Then, we witnessed excellent hand overs in the relays. Everyone gave their, best spurred on by team spirit.

Finally, the girls displayed excellent communication and co-operation, as they shuffled down the track in teams, using various stepping stones. This was a truly admirable achievement from girls so young.

The girls had been really looking forward to the day, as we prepared for it in lessons. With 100% attendance, a wonderful crowd and lots of smiles, all that is left to say, is well done girls, and thank you to staff and relatives for a fantastic afternoon.

To view a larger selection of photographs please below. 

Post date: 18th July 2015