How privileged we are to be Queen's girls (and that we will always be Queen's girls, no matter how long ago we left!) were resounding themes of an effective and interesting Commemoration Service in the Cathedral on Friday 1st May. Beautiful devotional hymns from the Chamber Choir, entertaining recitals from the Lower School and fascinating reminiscences from an alumna, a parent and a teacher meant that all members of the congregation had something to remember or think about.

Sue Elphick (Beaufoy) '55 addressed the congregation with reminiscences and comparisons between school life in the 1950s and today, and certainly raised a few laughs with her memories of particular teachers' foibles and habits.

The sun shone on the quadrangle as alumni and friends of the school watched the official opening of the new gym and enjoyed a fantastic afternoon tea.

You can view Sue Elphick's memories of The Queen's School by clicking here. 

Post date: 1st May 2015