2008 Leavers Reunite

We always love welcoming back Queen’s alumnae, and the women who left 10 years ago are usually particularly fun groups to host as it’s often their first visit back to the school.
The alumnae of 2008 had no problem finding their way in through what some still think of as the ‘new’ glass front entrance but were struck by updates and changes in the chemistry labs and dining room in particular. They were hugely impressed by the current Pre-U Art exhibition, with several commenting on the outstanding standard. It was amusing to watch them raise glasses of fizz in the dining room and common rooms as they reminisced and told anecdotes, and delightful to see them chatting to former teachers Mrs Irene Jones, Mrs Viv Carpenter, Mrs Alison Carter, Mrs Bev Edwards and Mrs Janet O’Donnell who called in to catch up.
These early evening drinks at Queen’s were only a prelude to their meal and night out in Chester which promised to be a vibrant and fun event. We hope they enjoyed the whole occasion and come back soon!