Twenty-two leavers from 1995 reunited for wine, canapés and tours on Saturday May 16th.

There have been lots of changes in the fabric of The Queen’s School over the last twenty years, and the alumnae who entered the school via the ‘new’ glass entrance in the Front Garden were somewhat bemused to find themselves in an airy reception area rather than the dark and cluttered cloakrooms of the old days. However, the geography of the school soon came flooding back as they toured the buildings, and reminiscence followed reminiscence as the sights, smells and sounds of classrooms, science labs and music practice rooms triggered memories.

The highlight of the evening was the attempt to recreate the sixth-form photo on the steps of the Top Garden. We’re not sure everyone got in the same position as twenty years ago, but the resulting picture shows a happy group of women who were clearly delighted to be back. 

Keep in touch, ladies!

Post date: 17th May 2015