Reception and Key Stage One pupils receive one homework activity each weekend, in addition to the expectation of daily reading. Homework may have literacy or mathematical focus which builds on prior learning. Alternatively, homework can be set to help prepare for the forthcoming week or particular theme of work. Pupils in Years 1 and Year 2 receive weekly spelling lists to learn. 

Year 3 pupils are given homework on three nights each week, Year 4 have four 30-minute pieces of homework per week and Years 5 and 6 have homework each evening (maximum one hour). 

We expect girls to read each night with a suitable type of book being selected once the teacher has had a chance to identify your daughter’s appropriate level.  We encourage parents to listen to their daughter reading as well as taking the opportunity to read out loud to them. The Reading Record forms a crucial part of the Infant and Junior Department Planner and there is an expectation that this is signed by parents each evening.