We have specialist teachers providing expertise and every pupil will experience PE through a well balanced programme which includes challenge, competition, aesthetic movement, teamwork and physical fitness. 

Swimming and PE Lessons

All the girls have three hours of physical activity lessons per week. These include swimming and a variety of other traditional sports such as tennis, hockey, athletics and netball. They are taught by school-specialist PE and swimming staff. Pupils take part very successfully in inter-school matches against other prominent independent schools. 
In addition, outdoor and adventure activities, i.e. simple orienteering, map skills and team games take place when opportunities arise. There are also physical challenge residential courses arranged for pupils in Years Four and Five.

Inter House Sport

The house system plays an important part in the Physical Education programme. Occasionally house competitions are arranged within lessons between members of one class, but each half term a bigger competition is organised in one sport. This may involve the whole of Key Stage 2 or just Classes 5 and 6 depending on the activity. Every pupil participates in these competitions, regardless of ability so that each girl can experience playing as part of a team in a competitive tournament/competition. Each member of Year Six will have the opportunity to be captain of their team for one of these competitions so that they all experience the responsibility of leadership and of organising their team.


We are a member of AJIS (Association of Junior Independent Schools) and compete in all their sporting events which are often attended by between 20 - 25 schools from around the North West. We have achieved considerable success in the last few years boasting numerous swimming and athletics gold, silver and bronze medallists. Last year we were also Cheshire U11 hockey champions and north hockey finalists. We also were 1st and 2nd in the Chester and District Relay Swimming Gala and National Finalists in Sheffield in the primary schools team swimming championships. 


Our Sports Practices/Clubs are all run by Queen's School staff and do not cost money to parents but there are additional clubs such as judo, fencing, gymnastics etc which are all provided by outside coaches and therefore incur a cost.

Swimming club 

Year 3/4 (over 40 girls attending in two groups swapping at half term each term)
Year 5/6 (24 girls attending swimming club and another 20 Year 5/6 girls attend swim squad at lunchtime)

Netball Club   

Year 5 (about 35 girls attend Year 5 netball club which is run twice a week at lunchtime)
Year 6 (about 30 girls regularly attend Year 6 netball club)

Hockey Club   

Year 5/6 squad practice (28 girls attend squad training on Tuesday after school)
Year 5/6 hockey club (a further 38 girls attend hockey club on Wednesday evening)
Year 4 hockey club (over 20 girls regularly attend hockey club on Thursday)