Leadership Opportunities

We encourage all girls at our Lower School to have a voice from the outset by ensuring that lessons are dynamic and proactive and that our teaching staff listen well, and are nurturing and supportive in their role. All of the girls learn from a young age that their opinion counts and that they have something to contribute.

Opportunities to further develop pupils’ confidence through responsibility and leadership are an integral part of school life. Girls may want to showcase their acting, musical or singing capabilities on stage or they may be best suited to leading one of our successful school sports teams. They may find that their diplomatic skills would be put to good use on the School Council or they may have the potential to inspire, in which case House Captain may be the role for them. They may excel when explaining a subject to girls lower down the school and decide to set up a club or they may want to lead a group of girls to take on a specific challenge for charity. Whatever their strengths, girls will be able to find a position of responsibility that suits them and learn and grow from the experience.  Formal positions of responsibility within school are sought after and girls take their roles very seriously.

In Key Stage 1 girls generally benefit from the leadership skills of other pupils further up the school. We find that these key relationships are hugely influential as they progress through the year and serve as an inspiration to them as they progress to take on the roles themselves.