Education is about a lot more than simply those things which happens in the classroom. It is about developing the whole child, discovering what really excites them and exploring where their talents lie. A diverse range of clubs and societies, day and residential trips provide Queen's pupils with a vast array of opportunities.

In Foundation and Key Stage 1 the options are kept deliberately limited as children need to get used to the routines of school life and become confident learners. Options include tennis, swimming, dance and singing for example, but it is important not to overload children at this age with too many commitments.

Further up the Lower School, clubs include sports such as hockey, gymnastics, lacrosse, tennis, rounders and swimming as well as less traditional active pursuits such as golf, cycling, horse-riding, fencing, dance and zumba.

There are an array of music clubs and lessons for those interested in learning an instrument, choral singing or performing in a band.

There are also opportunities for all sorts of academic pursuits in the enrichment timetable. In addition, there is a very active science club, a film club, a popular journalism club and a chess club that meets regularly.

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