The strength of Queen's roots

There is something comforting about the concept of roots, a veritable anchor maintaining stability so when storms threaten, we remain steadfast.  

This has been an extraordinary year, and a memorable one for so many different reasons. Storms have come and gone, but through it all, Queen’s has remained firmly anchored. As we conclude this academic year and mark the beginning and onward journeys for girls entering and leaving the School, there is an implicit feeling of security in the knowledge that no matter where our branches may spread, we have the depth of strong roots to rely on.

The Dalai Lama wisely observes, ‘a tree can’t grow roots just as a storm appears on the horizon’, and for our young women who are now spreading their wings out into the wider world, they will be accompanied by honour and wisdom gained from their time with us, and reliance on the comfort of knowing they will always have the strong roots of their experience at Queen’s to stand firm in the face of their own storms in time to come.  

And for our young girls progressing through the school, knowing the strength that is to be gained from all that has gone before, to firmly support all that is to come, will simply mean that our branches will continue to spread, safe in the knowledge that our roots in Queen’s and the wider Chester community remain steadfast.

Have a wonderful summer holiday everyone, and see you once again in September.

Sue Wallace-Woodroffe and Iona Carmody