Head Girl's Blog: The end of an era, but the start for syrup sponge…

Now that our time as the Head Girl’s Team is coming to an end, we are a little sad but immensely proud of what we achieved and the legacy we leave behind. Some of our biggest successes include: working together effectively, running many school council meetings, and our greatest accomplishment; bringing back syrup sponge for dessert to school dinners!

It was an honour meeting so many of the people who make Queen’s, Queen’s; from the parents, to the girls, to the governors, it has been great interacting with everyone and feeling like a special part of the school’s body.

We have learnt a lot through the process as individuals but also as a team, and we really have had a great year representing and leading the student body. We would like to share some of the lessons we have learnt and also offer a few pieces of advice to the next Head Girl’s Team; however we know you will be great regardless.

We have learnt:

  1. Teamwork is the most important thing
  2. Confident public speaking in front of large audiences and talking with a wide variety of people gets easier with practice.
  3. Patience and empathy are vital
  4. To have respect for those taking minutes, writing agendas and leading meetings
  5. That the student body does have a voice at Queen’s and through school council meetings this voice may be heard and can effect change.
  6. The importance of organisation

The last lesson was a significant one for us all to learn. We all had to manage UCAS applications, with A Levels, EPQs, whilst being the representatives for the school. At times it was hard juggling the differing priorities but, by doing so, we are all much more prepared for life. We have learnt why and how to plan in advance, something which will help us all in preparing for our A Level exams and beyond.

There are many opportunities within Queen’s, and each and everyone one of you should embrace them and make the most of them. One of the best things about our team is its diversity; each of us taking different A Levels, and all with different dreams. We all joined Queen’s at different ages; one in primary school, one in Year 7, and one in Year 12, but this has only strengthened our bond and made our team more relatable to the girls at Queen’s.

Our main collective piece of advice to the future team is to enjoy everything. We have made so many great memories as a team which we all will cherish forever. Being in the Head Girls’ Team is far from easy; attending parents’ evenings, delivering speeches and running school council meetings, but it is also very rewarding. A personal highlight for me was speaking at the Christmas service as I remember being in Year 7 and aspiring to do it, so I felt I had not only made my current self proud but also my younger self!

Remember, always to stay calm and to take a breath, whether this is before your speech at the cathedral, before you read the notices in assembly, or before you write your Head Girl’s Blog, as this will make everything more enjoyable.

Most importantly, forever and always be proud of what you accomplish and always honour wisdom.

On behalf of the Head Girls’ Team, I would like to thank everyone who has helped us on our journey through Queen’s. We are confident young women, who are ready and excited to take our next steps into the world.

Your Head Girl’s Team.