Are our 8 week summer holidays too long?

In recent years it has been argued that an 8-week school summer holiday is too long. I think it is important to look at the reasons why we have such a long break in the first place.

Firstly we should recognise that it is not only about what is right for the pupils, but also for all of the employees of the school. The teachers in particular do not necessarily have a long holiday. Yes, they have to enjoy some down time and recharge their batteries in readiness for the long autumn term, yet in reality they will be spending much of the summer preparing lessons so that when we return in September, we’re ready to go. In addition to this, general maintenance of the school needs to take place to ensure that we can study in a safe and clean environment.

Secondly, I know from personal experience that in the lower age groups of the school you are absolutely shattered by the time you get to the end of term therefore it is just as important for the younger ones to switch off completely and enjoy their holidays; doing the things they love the most. As you get older you are also just as ready for a break, but unfortunately need to be a little bit more disciplined with how you spend your summer. Again it is important to recharge the batteries, but like the teachers there is so much time-pressure that some of the summer has to be spent preparing for the following year.

Personally I know that I will have to try and balance my time to allow me to achieve the things that I want to this summer. The priority for me will be writing my personal statement in readiness for applying to university in September. I’m also looking forward to performing some new songs at some local venues, and trying to get fit.  Finally I am excited about going on holiday with my friends to Spain, where I can practice my language skills, experience more of the local culture and most importantly… relax.

I know for sure that 8 weeks will fly by and there will certainly be no time wasted!