Grrrl Power Writing Competition

Do you have what it takes to become the next JK Rowling, Matt Haig, Jessica Townsend, Jaqueline Wilson or Roald Dahl

You might do and you just don't know until you try...

We want you to write a story, a piece of prose or a poem from your own imagination, using all the skills and techniques you have learnt at school. It could be exciting, moving, funny or thought-provoking – or all of these things! All we ask is that it has a strong female character somewhere in it (that's why we called it Grrrl Power!). Your female character could be the story’s heroine, a good friend, a helpful stranger, a trouble maker or just a normal girl who is a little bit of all of these things! So why not give it a go?

The winners’ words will be typeset and illustrated by a professional illustrator giving you a piece of your own work to treasure for life.

The Grrrl Power Writing Competition is open to girls and boys in Years 2–6 and involves writing a story of a maximum of 500 words (writing can be much shorter but must not be more than 500 words). Please include your name, date of birth, school and contact details on all entries. All entries will be judged in their own age categories and should either be sent to:

Grrrl Power Writing Competition
English Department
The Queen’s Senior School
City Walls Road

or emailed to
by 31 March 2018

or you may fill in the form and upload your child's writing here:

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