A day packed with fun activities designed to give girls a taste of life at Queen's. Girls in Year 5 from any school are welcome to come along for this day. The 2019 event will be held on Monday 8 July, enabling girls to experience first-hand the opportunities for learning and enrichment available at Queen's before the Open Morning.




The girls explore introductory methods, techniques and tools for printmaking.  The Queen's School offers exceptional printmaking facilities enabling students to work with both relief and intaglio techniques.


Computing is a very popular subject for girls here at Queen’s and our teams do well in regional and even national competitions. The girls program a mini digital device to operate as a Fitbit step counter. 



Unleash your inner Drama Queen! The Drama Department works with the girls on Melodrama, a Victorian genre which led to the birth of our modern-day pantomime.  They explore exaggerated characters, performances and speech in order to create their own mini-play about heroes, heroines and villains.

Food and


In Food and Nutrition we aim to cultivate a positive attitude towards health and well being. Sustainability is the underlying theme for our Activity Day. The girls will make, decorate and package cupcakes.


As part of our Fitness For All strategy the girls play sports, promoting body-confidence and raising their heart rates.  They are introduced to some techniques for lacrosse - very popular sports here at Queen's - and have also been playing Ultimate Frizbee!


The sciences are very popular here at Queen's with biology, chemistry and physics all taught separately from Year 7. More than half of our students choose to study one or more of the sciences at A-level. The girls extract DNA from a Kiwi fruit and make a DNA model from jelly babies! 


Ni Hao! Mandarin Chinese is a particular strength here at Queen’s, and every student has the opportunity to study it in Year 7.  The girls enjoy an introduction to the Chinese language and learn a few calligraphy techniques as they create their own panda fans and write Chinese characters with an authentic brush.  


The girls collaborate and cooperate together in order to record their own song. Music is an integral part of life here at Queen’s, with many opportunities for soloists and group performance.  In Year 7 the girls are able to try out new instruments and are encouraged to join the various choirs and other musical groups that practise and perform in school. 


This event is designed for girls to quickly make friends and be put at ease, so please don't worry about girls attending on their own. Girls will need to wear casual, comfortable clothing and trainers. Lunch and other refreshments will be provided free of charge. 

Registration will open nearer the time but in the meantime you may wish to register for our monthly newsletter to be informed of all up and coming events.