Annual Giving

Annual Giving runs in parallel with the school’s financial year and is designed to provide support for projects which the school itself cannot otherwise fund.

Each year, departments write their development plans which are informed by the school’s overall objectives. These plans are reviewed by the Headmistress and an overall budget is set. Not everything we would like to do makes it through the budget process and some important projects, unfortunately, have to be delayed. Annual Giving supports the school and the education of the girls by making some of these projects possible.

By supporting the Annual Giving you enable the school to do things it would not otherwise be able to afford. As these projects have already been carefully planned and priced, we are able to put donations swiftly to work to provide actual benefits for the girls.


Targeting your gift

You can choose to target your gift to any area of school life in the Lower or Senior School but by focusing large numbers of relatively small gifts to particular areas of need, we can make a greater impact on the quality of education. In particular, at the Senior School we would like your support for specific areas of the visual and performing arts. In the Lower School the focus is on the outside learning environment.

For more information on this year's Annual Giving please contact us by calling 01244 312078 or Email us.